Friday, January 8, 2010

Words are Overrated

I have a lot to blog about. I really do. A lot is stirring in this heart of mine. In fact, there is so much that it feels a bit overwhelming to think about all in one day. So, I am committing (and I mean that term in the sense that any mom can commit to anything...that I am planning on it, but at any time, I may be needed for something else and therefore cannot fulfill my committment) to blog once a day for the next week or so, or however long it takes me to say what I want...what I need to say.

Part of what I have to blog about is my unbelievable children and so I thought I would kick it off right with a little video of what Ava is doing right now. This is what I hear whenever she is awake and I am not kidding you, I could just eat this baby up. She is so precious and we have regular conversations like this one she is having with Aunt Connie. Here is what her end of the conversation sounds like.

(I realize this is over two minutes and you can really get the gist of it in the first 30 seconds. So, if you aren't related to me, feel free to turn it off after that. I'll never know. If you are related, I will know and so you have to watch the whole thing. I think it's a law.)


Melodie said...

she is such a cutie! so glad you are enjoying your 3rd just as much as hope and bella. she and paxton should have lots to talk about during their february visit.

Judy said...

I loved it.

The Coopers said...

so sweet and loud!! and yes i watched the whole thing but you knew that already!! love you!

The Laughlin Family said...

Absolutely precious!!