Friday, December 18, 2009

A Thing of Beauty

What joy Miss Ava has brought into our lives. Here's how I know that's true. In the midst of not getting enough sleep, being spit up on regularly, finding it hard to go pretty much anywhere, and having little mental breakdowns every other day, I also smile and laugh more than I ever have. She's almost 10 weeks old, and we fall more and more in love with her every day.

Motherhood isn't pretty sometimes, at least in the traditional sense of the word. It's hard and it's messy and it can make you feel like the most inept person on the face of the earth. But inside, where it counts, it's a thing of beauty. Hearts expand, compassion grows, generosity blooms. All this and then, when you least expect it, you get a smile from that sweet baby. It sends a jolt of sheer delight all the way to your toes and, if your me, brings tears to your eyes.

I may not always look the prettiest doing it (my preferred daily outfit of sweats, no make-up, and messy hair leaves a little to be desired), but inside, where it counts, motherhood is making me more beautiful. I'm sure of it.


Molly said...

Oh my goodness! She is beautiful...just like your other girls of course! I love this explanation of motherhood. What a wonderful job you did describing how I often feel. "Am I totally ruining these little people?" Thinking of you often as we are in CO for a bit. I need to ask Melodie where you are exactly.

Erin said...

She has the most delightful twinkle in her eyes! :) Absolutely love this post.

The Milfords said...

She is beautiful! Wow!

Melodie said...

she has changed so much since thanksgiving. such sweet pictures!

Marcy said...

Amanda! I think of you guys so often....and am soooo very happy you have a blog! Wish we lived in the same town still - I know Hope and Sophie would have such fun together:) Miss you guys and look forward to keeping in touch. Congratulations on sweet Ava!
Here's to sweats, breakdowns, joy and beauty.
Happy New Year!

The Skains Family said...

Your words to describe motherhood where perfect. It made me tear up because I know exactly what you mean. The sweet smiles, hugs, kisses and "I love you's" make every moment worth it. Ava is absolutely precious. Congratulations.