Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Shopping Silliness

Some of my friends and I went on a spur of the moment trip to Colorado Springs last week. We have nine kids all together and so spur of the moment doesn't happen very often. But, we just decided to take them all. All NINE of them, and it was so much fun! I think we all kept waiting for one of the kids to have a major melt down, but they did great and it was nice just to do something different. I love these girls so much...and their kids, too! And I am so thankful for the family God has given me in Canon City.

I think we might of got a little carried away in Old Navy. I'm sure the salespeople thought we were nuts and needed to get out more. As it turns out, that is probably true.

Cute Little Moments With My Girls

The other day, I put Bella down for a nap and then went to join Hope on my bed for some down time. She was laying on my side of the bed and I asked her to scoot over so I could use the table over there. She said, "But, mom, I don't want to lay on daddy's side. It doesn't smell the same as yours." In talking about it, I realized it wasn't that daddy's side smelled bad, it's just that my side has a certain "mom" smell and she liked it.

I immediately had memories of the smell of my mom's side of the bed. I could remember it perfectly and I remember loving the smell of her pillow. I still do. So, I smelled my pillow and guess what? It smells like my mom. Wonder what that smell is? Probably a combination of detergent, make-up, lotion, etc. Whatever it is, I like it. And so does Hope.


Yesterday, Bella and I were having a little tickle party on the couch. This is the exchange that took place:

A: (somewhat rhetorically) Bella, are you just so sweet?
B: No
A: No? Are you sweet or are you rotten?
B: I'm rockin!

Well said, Bella...well said. :)

They make me smile all the time!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tea for Two

We officially have a new, back to school tradition. Hope and I had tea yesterday at the lovely Queen Anne's Tea House downtown. We had been talking about it for a while and she was so excited. Hope picked cherry cordial tea (yum) and I had their famously rich Chai. They served a full lunch with it including sandwiches, mini quiche, fruit, deviled eggs, and, for dessert, iced brownies and chocolate covered strawberries. Yum!

When we got there, the owners made such a fuss over us. They told us we could wear some of their fancy hats and their feather boas if we wanted...which, of course, we did! It was so great to just sit there and talk to my big girl about the things that are important to her. And, it was a great opportunity to talk about what this year will be like and how she can be God's light at her school.

And then...we went shopping for school clothes. It's funny. I can remember, as a kid, wondering whether my mom was ever sad that she didn't get a fall shopping spree every year like we did when we were in school. Now I know that she had so much fun just watching us try things on and figuring out what kinds of things we liked and what we didn't. It was such a blast and we got some really cute things.

So, in two more weeks my baby heads off to school and I can hardly believe it's already here. Of course, I am a little sad, but I also know that I can embrace it in full knowledge that every year with Hope has always been sweeter than the one before. It is such a joy to be her mom as every year brings more discoveries about who God created her to be. So, even though I am a little sad, I am also really excited to walk with her into this next phase. She's gonna do great. Man, her teacher is a lucky one. :) Just look at this face.

P.S. Plus, I am sending her there with a rockin' backpack. She picked out the purple, and the accessories and I embroidered her name on it and used a super easy method to make an iron on applique. So fun! I can't take credit for the idea, though. My friend, Yolanda did her daughter's first. Thanks for the inspiration, Yo!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Cup Runneth Over

Jesus loves me. It wasn't that I had any doubts about this really, but today he just reminded me in a big way.

For two days in a row, we have found large sums of money on the front seat of our car. Large.

Just so you know, we have been not been getting a salary from Young Life for two months. It's something we decided to do because the area budget was suffering. We had savings, so we knew we could mostly make it work. But, it was getting tight. Not to mention the fact that our savings was kinda earmarked for an adoption.

And then, this. Many times more than what we needed. And Jesus reminded me that this is the way he loves. It's extravagant. It's lavish. It's awesome. And I am dumbfounded.

And I can't stop crying. Because now I am thinking about all the extravagant things he has provided in the last year. Things we didn't have to have, but that he provided through his children in order to show us his heart for us.

Loren's sweet family gave me his grandmother's gorgeous wedding ring after she died. They gave it to me. It is exquisite and if I could get a good picture of it, I would post it. I had secretly wanted an anniversary band for my 10th anniversary. But I never thought it would be possible. I got a whole new ring.

Some friends of ours very sneakily found out that I wanted a leather recliner someday. Just someday, when we had some extra money. And then they bought us one. Who does that? It just showed up at my house one day. The perfect chair.

And then there is the money. Yesterday. Today. A few months ago. People following Christ in ways that impact me directly. He speaks to others on my behalf. And they listen. It's just almost too much to take in.

I am so grateful. I am so filled with emotion. I have trusted him to take care of my needs and he has been so faithful. And that was enough. It really was. But then he proceeded to provide even more. That is so like him, isn't it? Abundant. Excessive.

My cup runneth over.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lucky Number 50

We got an email today from our adoption agency informing us that as of August 1, we are number 50 on the list of waiting families. Let me tell you in layman's terms what this means. Nothing. It really pretty much means nothing. Well, not entirely nothing. Technically, it means that there are 49 other families who are waiting on precious babies to adopt and that they are in line ahead of us. But, since birthmoms get to choose the families, a couple who is number 28 on the list could be picked ahead of a couple who is number 2 on the list.

This is what our agency told us. Numbers 1-15 or 20 have been on the list the longest and usually that is because they have very specific ideas about which babies they are open to. When a birthmom comes in and decides she wants to place a baby for adoption they go to the list of waiting families. They go down the list to find couples who match what she wants in an adoptive family and couples who are willing to accept her baby. They take the first five they find (which could feasibly be, #4, #16, #21, #42, & #50) and show those couple's profiles to her. If she finds one she likes, they go from there. If she doesn't, they look for more on down the list. Being number 50 is fine. It really doesn't mean much and then there is also the probability that if a birthmom comes in of a different race, we are most likely one of 5 or 6 profiles that she will see. (I know, but that is the way it is). So, it's fine. It's really fine.

But here is the thing. We are number 50! 50! It feels so far off! My heart sank a little today when I got that email. I know it is in God's hands. I know that he knows who and when that sweet baby will come. I know that I know that I know that he has it all worked out in his perfect timing. I really do know it, but today, it felt hard.

And I knew some days were gonna feel like that. I was prepared for that...kinda. These days remind me to pray and to feast on God's word, that satifies. I am determined to remember that His plan for me includes this waiting period and that He will speak tenderly to me in this place. I want to listen. I want His voice to drown out the ticking of the clock that I hear sometimes. Cause I know that what He has to say is infinitely more important than my urge to mark time. And so...I wait.