Monday, February 21, 2011

I AM NOT potty training...yet

Let me just say right off the bat that I AM NOT potty training Ava any time soon. She is 16 months old and there are definitely people out there that would tell me to go for it. It's all the rage. Potty training earlier and earlier. But, I don't have the stamina. I just don't. I like to wait until they can say, "Excuse me, mom. Urine is about to come out of my urethra and I would like for it to go into the toilet instead of in my pants. Could you take me to the bathroom, please?" Okay, maybe they don't have to be that articulate or, in this case, creepy, but I generally wait until after they are two and have a good grasp on communication. And, I have to say, with Hope and with Bella it was a total breeze. They both picked it up really within a couple of days...which I know could totally be a coincidence but, honestly, I just prefer to think I am super awesome.

All that being said, my darling youngest child...have i mentioned that I think she's a genius...woke up from her nap today and headed for the bathroom. Now, that's no surprise. We usually keep the bathroom door closed at all times because Ava is totally obsessed with the toilet. And, while I'm being honest, it is quite possible that she might have dipped a piece of bread in it the other day and tried to shove it in her mouth, after which I wrestled her to the floor, pried her lock-jawed mouth open with my finger and scooped that bad boy out of there. Ugh. The things I do for love. At any rate, as she headed to the open bathroom door today I gave her the look and said, "No, Ava." Then, she looked at the toilet, pointed to her diaper and said, "poopy" (which is a new word these days). Well, I had to change her wet diaper anyway so I told her she could sit on the potty. I mean, how cute is a little baby tooshie on the potty, right? So, I took her little diaper off and set her up there. A second later I heard the definite sound of little-girl-tinkling! And, I looked down to see her totally going to the bathroom and then looked up in astonishment to see the biggest smile on that girl's face.

So, even though I AM NOT potty training, I congratulated her and made a big deal and gave her a little treat. And then, of course, I snapped a picture.

What in the world, people?!? This child is seriously smart. I am in trouble.