Sunday, January 17, 2010


Today was a big day for two of the Kolman girls. Ava was dedicated in church. Yeah! However, I'm afraid that little milestone might have been overshadowed by one of my own. I wore my hip little bubble dress with my heather grey leggings. On stage. In front of everyone.

Yep. I'm cool and now everyone knows it.

Secretly, I'm still not sure I can really pull that style off...but here's to believing that people actually mean it when they say I looked cute...and to shunning the belief that they are only commenting because they clearly felt the need to say something about my outfit and, "Wow, you are way too old for leggings and a bubble dress" sounds really mean.

I like it. I wore it. And I like to think I rocked it. A big day, indeed...


And now....I am officially on sabbatical from my blog. I'm exhausted and clearly out of interesting things to talk about. I'm sure it won't last long. But, my commitment thus fulfilled, I'll get to it when I get to it.


Molly said...

It's slightly weird to me how much I love reading this and am loving you! At least I can say I am friends with your sister and not a total internet weirdo! I wish I could see a picture of your family on this day and see for myself how stinking cute you were in your outfit...but this is totally how I feel most of the time I try to be trendy...I feel like I am trying too hard. I am sure you were adorable.

Please don't be gone from blogging for too long. I like reading what you say!

Melodie said...

yes, where are pictures? i wouldn't pick out an outfit for you that was meant for a teenager! it IS cute on you and your great legs! :) in your email you told me bella was getting dedicated and i was thinking "weird. it's about time since she just turned 3." but now i know you are just getting your girls names mixed up. like every mother does i guess. last night i was trying to get holden's attention and yelled "Jeremy" in a stern voice. j thought he was in trouble. :) love you!