Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Here are some cute pictures of my kids. And yes...I'm stalling.

Note to self: Self, in the future please don't be so quick to promise, in writing, that you will post every day. Let's keep in mind that you have very little time to yourself and, being the kind of person who writes, rewrites, edits, obsesses over, and then erases it all and writes it again, this kind of commitment makes us want to chop off our fingers so as to avoid any future ridiculous promises. Kindly, Self

a beauty shot...Holy Cow!

For some reason I love this picture of Ava. I think she looks so big here.

This picture of Bella captures her perfectly. She is all joy!

We loved this little dress that Nana sent for Christmas. And, I was pretty proud of the little headband I made.

No, Hope doesn't actually wear glasses, but she asked for some for her birthday and we found some really cute ones with plastic lenses in them. It was her favorite gift and she wears them all the time. Especially when she's reading. :)

All cozy and smiley after bathtime.

Okay, I know this is borderline obscene but I had to show you this picture of Bella in the outhouse at the Ranch. The girls did so good with it. Look how happy she is to be freezing her little tooshie off! What a trooper!

Love this one of Hope and Ava. Both the girls are unbelievably in love with this baby.

This is not the greatest picture but I had to throw it in because it tells the story of our life right now. It's blurry cause I can almost never catch everyone in the same place at the same time. Hope is incredibly composed and flashing us her brilliant smile. Bella is trying to get in on the action and Ava looks like, "would someone please get me out of here!?!" Yep. That pretty much sums it up.


Erin said...

So happy that you're posting every day. I'm happily reading. :) Your girls are just too cute. That headband is stinkin' adorable! Good job.

Melodie said...

love the pictures of my nieces! their eyes! all 3 of them have the most beautiful and ever-unique eyes!