Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hope and Bella's New Room

I wanted to post pictures of Hope and Bella's new room. I have wanted, for some time, to change up their room. Mostly this is because their room had previously been only Hope's room. When Bella moved in in March to share a room with her sister...something they were both very excited about, she continued to call it Hope's room. It made me think that it would be fun to give it a total makeover. Something that they could both have input on and then it would really feel like theirs and not just Hope's. And, it is always good to change things up every now and then so it also sounded like a lot of fun!

If I had pictures to show of the old room, I would. It was very different than this one. It had three green walls (I think the exact color was Basil) and one wall with 24, 16 in. polka dots in all kinds of bright colors. So cute...if I do say so myself. :) Here is the new one:

The Bedding.
I seriously could not have done a better job if I had chosen myself. But, you have to believe me when I say that I DID NOT choose this for them. I was determined to let them pick it out...and that is kind of a hard thing for me. They liked this one because it has ruffles and they both love blue. This was from Target's Shabby Chic Children's line. LOVE IT!

I finally figured out what to do with the closet. I took the doors off right after we moved in because they were circa 1970 wood paneling and UGLY. But, I had never replaced them with anything because I couldn't find curtains that were long enough since the doors reach all the way to the ceiling. I am so mad at myself that I didn't realize that a twin size sheet is exactly 8 feet and so that, plus a simple tension rod is a perfect solution. Really? $20 could've fixed it 4 years ago? Ugh! Don't you hate when you do something like that? I found this sweet little Laura Ashley sheet set at Ross (gotta love Ross) and it is a cute little accent.

There is pink in the bedding and so that was the chosen color for the walls. It is such a sweet color. The letters for their names are a little project that I saw online and it is super simple. I got the wooden letters at Hobby Lobby and covered them in scrapbook paper in colors and patters that complimented the bedding. So fun!

Here is a closer look. Seriously, it took me about an hour to make and hang both of their names. I love when something so simple can make such a huge difference.

The girls love how it all turned it out and so do I. Now...onto the next project...


Molly said...

So cute! I shared a room with my sister until we were 14 and 16 and I LOVED it. Not every minute of it, but it taught me so much in life and I wouldn't have traded it for the world. Sisters are such a glad your girls have each other just like you did!

Amanda said...

Molly, Mel and I shared a room for a lot of years and it is some of my best memories.

I wish we were closer to Aspen. I would totally come up there and meet you. If you and your family want to come out to visit the Royal Gorge before you leave, we would love to meet up. We are about 15 minutes from it. Hope you are enjoying Colorado!

The Coopers said...

very cute! were you able to find a place for the sign I got them? I hope it matched ok! love the bedding!

Melodie said...

looks great. love those pink walls! i need some pink in my house . . . one day.

Melodie said...

i don't see a new post for today. you fail! :)

Amy said...

Love all the posts, Amanda. The pictures are so great and the room looks so pretty. Hard to believe they are old enough to share a room now. Thanks for all the great posts! See you Monday - yeah!