Monday, June 7, 2010

Young Life Camp

Well, we are finally here at camp. Quaker Ridge, this year, in beautiful Woodland Park, CO. And, although camp generally presents some logistical challenges in regards to our family(trying to all sleep in the same room, nap schedules, getting everyone to and from dinner in a timely manner, etc.) it is always a good time to reconnect as a family as the pace of life tends to slow down a little and we get to enjoy just being together. And, as I've said before, it's also a good time to reconnect with why we are blessed to be called into this particular ministry.

We are glad to be here. Glad to be serving middle schoolers for the next three weeks in hopes that they will encounter Christ in a transforming way. Glad to be serving amongst a whole group of people with the same heart and passion that we have. Glad to be completely poured out for the glory of God. And excited to see him move amongst us.

Do your thing, Lord!

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