Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Kids at Camp

Here are a few pictures of the kids and all that they get to enjoy at camp.

Western night is always a big favorite. And this year is no different. During western night, there is also a carnival and campers have the chance to win tickets that they use to throw pies in their leaders faces or dump water on them. And, because everything has a purpose at Young Life camp, even the crazy weird stuff that Loren is often involved in, it isn't just about getting messy. It's about leaders being willing to sacrifice comfort and some pride, as they walk around soaked and with whip cream all over themselves. And it's about not being too old, or too mature to get a little crazy. Hope kept insisting that she wanted me to throw a pie in her face so she could lick the whip cream all off. :) She chickened out at the last minute. I don't blame her.

I asked Bella if I could take a picture of her in all her cuteness and she said, "sure," all exasperated like. Then, she turned around and pulled this pose for me. Hello, Project Runway.

Okay, this isn't actually a picture of the kids. It's of me. But, Bella took this picture. I had to lean way down to actually be in it, but I think she did a pretty good job.

Uhhh....yeah....Loren's a gnome this year at camp. And in this picture...the Gnomes go country. Mmm hmmmm. That's all I really have to say about that.

Look how tan and rosy cheeked my baby already is! She is soaking up all the attention and, apparently, a little sun, too.

This one is in here because I finally captured Ava's screaming face. Imagine a very loud screeching noise coming from this face. It's a lot cuter to look at than it is to hear. :)

Hope and Bella dancing to The Fray at club. They're cool kids like that. :) They are dancing here with one of their favorite summer staff girls, Nicole. Even though Nicole works at the store and holds the keys to all things sugary and delicious, I'm pretty sure my girls just like her because she is super sweet herself and loves hanging out with them.

Who could resist taking this picture? It sort of sums up my kid's experience at camp. They are right in the middle of it all. And, here's what I really love about it. If you could read the overhead in the picture (which you could if you clicked on it and enlarged it) you would see that it's a song that says, "He loves us. Oh how he loves us. Oh how he loves us. Oh how he loves." And that's what camp is about. And not only are campers experiencing that love, my kids are too. What a gift!

And finally, if you've been to my house then you know that my kids sleep in a double bed. When we got to camp, they had bunk beds all set up and the girls were excited about having their own space. Hope on the top bunk and Bella on the bottom. Well, after four nights of sleeping separately, they decided last night that they missed each other and wanted to sleep together. Sweet sisters! (Also, note that I had to take many pictures to find an angle where Hope's wide open eyes...which is how she sleeps!...would not creep you all out. It is freaky. I can say that cause she's seen it in pictures and she agrees. :) )

More to's only the first week!

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Melodie said...

oh yes! you're open-eyed sleeper is very freaky! i've waved my hands in front of her face before knowing she would laugh. but sound asleep. glad the girls are having fun.