Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The House

Sometime next month, we will be living here:

Because last month, amidst my mommy meltdowns and the craziness of wrapping up the school year, God gave us a house. There really is no other explanation than that. Here is a list of mountains he moved to get us this house.

1.) the price had to come down roughly $50,000 from when it was first listed
2.) someone had to buy our house
3.) a contract that someone put on the house right before we did had to fall through
4.) a substantial down payment needed to be made

Now, to be fair, he didn't bring the price of the house down $50,000. Technically, he brought it down $60,000. And, technically, someone didn't come and look at our house and decide to buy it. A friend and Young Life supporter actually offered to buy it from us and then keep it on the market...just because God told them to. And, anyone who knows our financial situation knows that a substantial down payment is a matter only God himself can take care of. And he did.

Twice during this whole process, I felt like God told me that this was our house. Once in a dream, and once during my prayer time. And I believed it with my whole heart. But, with others, I was cautiously optimistic. I wish I had been more bold. I wish I had declared what I knew God was doing. I feel like I have spent most of my christian life wanting God to speak powerfully to me. This time, he did. And, for the most part, I tucked it away and kept it for myself. Next time I'm gonna speak up.

I'm so thankful for his faithfulness to provide big things like houses that we could never provide for ourselves. And for his faithfulness to provide seemingly smaller things,which may not actually be smaller at all, like quiet encouragement that he hears, he knows, and he delights to give good gifts.

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Molly said...

Wow. So cool. I am wishing the same boldness of hearing God talk to me right now. So cool that you knew it was HIM. What an awesome feeling. Love reading your blog!