Sunday, March 15, 2009


Here are some random facts that might help you understand me a little better....just a little better, though.

1. I sometimes make my bed less than an hour before I get into it for the night.

2. Once the flip flops come out…it’s Spring…and there’s no going back

3. I am the sucker that buys those things they put in the checkout stands that people don't really need. Really...another lighter?...maybe if I was a smoker that would be reasonable.

4. I must always have water by my bed at night (which I hardly ever drink), and chapstick in my pocket during the day (which I use constantly)...could these two be related?!?

5. I can virtually remember every word to every song I have ever sung, all the way back to grade school, but.....

6. I forgot to send my dad a present on his birthday this year until a month after it was over. (though I did call). :(

7. I don’t like food that bursts in my mouth…oranges, cherry tomatoes, bratwurst…you get the idea

8. The movie “Return to Me” will always…always…make me SOB! Sometimes that comes in handy.

9. Though I love being around people, I get overwhelmed in crowds and have to take mini time-outs in hallways, bathrooms, the car, the kitchen etc.

10. It doesn't get any better for me than a nice, sweet, creamy, pot of tea, with a friend to share....mmmmm, tea anyone?


Lisa said...

It's nice to get to know you a little bit better. :-)
Blessings - Lisa

coloradosnowbaby said...

"return to me" is the sweetest movie! I'm surprised I've found someone else who loves it, and cries too! And the water next to the bed... wow- we're more alike than I thought! (Or you had hoped!) ha ha
These were great! Lets hear more! xoxo ms

The Milfords said...

I would love to have tea with you. If only we lived closer. *sigh*