Monday, March 23, 2009

Bella got two haircuts last week. One, by her good friend, Macy, who's three. And then, one by our good friend, Renese, who actually does it for a living. Hope came down the stairs, where all the kids were playing at the Paschall's house, and said to Macy's mom, "Mrs. Debbie..." and then opened her hand to reveal a lock of precious golden hair. We both thought she had cut her own beautiful, very slow growing curls and Debbie ran up to check out the situation. Then, she yelled out, "Amanda!"

I laughed all the way up the stairs. Of course she had cut Bella's hair. Of course she did. Bella is one of the only children I know that would stand around and let someone just whack their hair off on one side and then turn around and let her do the other, too. I think I've mentioned before that she is just a wee bit easy going. :)

When I got upstairs I laughed some more, and immediately began to comfort my friend. Bella's hair was not that bad. It could have been a LOT worse and Bella didn't seem upset in the least. But Debbie was devastated and I understood why. I would've felt the same way if the situation had been reversed, but I really wasn't upset. It just seemed like one of those things that has to happen in a family's life at one point or another. And, for a three year old, she actually did a pretty decent job.

Macy had cut one side of her own hair, too. We can't really say if she did it first, as an experiment, and then went to work on Bella, or if she cut Bella's and then felt sorry and whacked hers off in some sort of mea cupla gesture. Either way, they both needed a trim. So, Debbie made an appointment for us with Renese and we stood by while our children got their locks chopped. And, you know what. They look darn cute! Bella wasn't too sure about the actual haircut, but in the end she felt like a rockstar! See for yourself.


coloradosnowbaby said...

That's a sweet story amanda- it reminds me of when i cut my brother's hair... just like your girls, i thought there was nothing wrong with doing it! until i heard my mom coming up the stairs I then shoved all the hair I'd chopped from my brother's head, under the bed. i must have felt some remorse before I got in trouble!
It was a sweet story amanda, and i think that bella looks so cute!! Great picture! ms

The Milfords said...

Ha ha! We have been there too, but Blair did it herself. Beautiful. That Bella has some very lovely hair. I am jealous!

The Coopers said...

It did turn out really cute! I love that little rock star! Give her a kiss from me!

Jess said...

This is one of my biggest fears with my girls. You can't even tell on Bella, though!