Monday, June 29, 2009

Wham!Pire Nation

In case you were wondering what KIND of silliness Loren was up to at camp, here is a video that intros one group of characters that the campers see each week. Loren put this video together and I think it is pretty stinkin' hilarious. Enjoy!

P.S. It's really only 3 1/2 minutes so you can stop watching after that. :)


The Milfords said...

That is hilarious!!

It kind of reminds me of DJ Bobo's "Vampires are Alive". If you guys have heard of them check them out.

Unfortunately DJ Bobo is an actual person who thinks they are cool, unlike Loren who is an actual person who really is cool.

The Coopers said...

oh my goodness! That was soooo funny! Uncle Loren is a hoot!!

The Milfords said...

Mike here.

I think I have a Bobby Sixkiller sighting. If you watch Forgetting Sarah Marshall, the bartender looks remarkably like the Renegade alum.