Thursday, June 11, 2009

Adoption Update

We have had 5, count them, 5, interviews since I last updated you on our adoption process.

1. The interview where we talk about our marriage, conflict within our marriage and how it is handled, what lead us to adoption, etc.

2. The interview where Amanda is alone with the caseworker and is asked about anything potentially physically or emotionally unhealthy that may have occurred to her or any member of her family including parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc and how it has been dealt with. That's right cousins...they ask about you. Be very afraid.

3. The interview where Loren gets asked these same questions about his family.

4. The interview where they come to our house to inspect it and also ask about what we are like as parents. This is also the interview where they talked with Hope and I have to tell you it was the most nerve wracking. She's a loose canon, that one. She was very sweet, though, and when the caseworker asked her why our family was a good one for kids to grow up in she said, "Because of my mom and dad." Come can't get much sweeter than that.

5. And then, last week, the interview where you check yes or no to three full pages, front and back, of what kinds of things you are willing to accept in terms of the health of a child. I stopped reading after a while and just checked yes over and over. Reading all that stuff can make you crazy. Besides, we aren't saying no to anything. God is bringing the baby he has been planning for us forever. Why would I risk saying no to his good plan, even if it looks different than what I might desire?

So, provided that our medical forms, including our lab work (good news...we don't have HIV/AIDS) gets to the agency within the next couple of weeks, we will be waiting only on our final homestudy to be approved. We should be in the pool and waiting for our sweet baby by the middle of July! Hooray! I am getting soooooo excited!


Melodie said...

that brought little tears to my eyes because i am so excited for you all! that little baby is probably in utero right now! incredible to think about. we just don't know anything about that little one yet. you guys are about to meet the need of some woman, and she will help to fill your desire and final piece of your family. so excited for you sister. and i can't wait to meet my 6th little niece or nephew!

Coloradosnowbaby said...

I am really excited for your family! I can't wait!

The Milfords said...

I am so excited for you guys! Oh how I wish we lived closer so we could meet your family and just hang out. I can't wait to virtually meet your newest member.

We had to check all the boxes too. Wasn't it surreal doing that? I kept thinking, "why do I get to choose? Should I just get what God wants to give?"

Jess said...

What an amazing process! We are so excited for you guys. Thanks for the updates!

Phyllis said...

So, possibly another July birthday in the family!! We are so excited to see what blessed little one will come to your home. Keep us posted.
Love you all!!

Amanda said...

Hmmmm...a july birthday would be super quick, but anything is possible, I guess. I am thinking optimistically and saying that we may have a fall baby. But who knows? We will surely keep you updated! Love you guys!