Monday, April 5, 2010

A Recent Conversation

In the car....

Hope: Dad, do you know the song, "Smack That?"

Loren: (cough, sputter) Uh. Yeah. Why?

Hope: Well, do we have it on our iPod?

Loren: No, Hope. That song is super inappropriate. Why do you even know about that song?

Hope: A kid at school has a little thing that plays songs and it's on there and he told us about it at show and tell. (nice...would have loved to see her teacher navigate that one)

Loren: Well, it's not a very nice song. (And then a fatherly dialogue about how some songs are like that and why we should be careful what we listen to, etc)

Hope: (trying to digest it all) So, is it rude?

Loren: Yeah. It's really rude.

End of story. And then, later that night...

Hope: Mom, did you know that there is a song called 'Smack That'" that my friend told me about and it is really rude.

Me: Yeah. I heard about that.

Hope: Yeah. It's really rude cause the song says, 'Smack that, get on the floor' and he doesn't even say PLEASE!

Me: (stifiling laughter) Well, that's terrible. You should always say please.

Hope: I know. It's really rude! gotta love the innocence of kids.


The Milfords said...

Awesome! I love the innocence of children!

The Coopers said...

I love that! That made me laugh out loud!!

Phyllis said...

I'm sure many more talks like this will occur! Ya'll are awesome parents. By the way, I've never heard the song. Guess I'm out of the loop!

Marcy said...

still laughing! makes my heart smile thinking of you guys...