Monday, April 6, 2009

It's Written All Over Her Face

We have a telltale way of knowing whenever Hope has been crying. Her salty tears leave white tracks down her beautiful brown face. So, on more than one occasion, my knowledge that she has been crying has seemed magical and has conviced her that I can see everything she does, even when I am not around. This is not a bad thing for a child to believe.

Today, when I picked her up from preschool I noticed the tear streaks. Her teacher told me she had been upset because she wanted to play in the housekeeping center today and since she ALWAYS (and I mean always) picks that center, she was told to pick a different center so some other kids could have a turn at housekeeping. She didn't want another center....hence the tears.

So, when we got in the car we had a conversation that went something like this.

A: Hope, why did you throw a fit at school today?

H: (Shocked) I didn't throw a fit.

A: Well, I know that you were crying at school today and your teacher told me you didn't want to share the housekeeping center today.

H: Well, I wasn't throwing a fit. I was just a little sad and I didn't want to go to another center.

A: Hope, I think you were crying because you didn't get your way. It's okay to cry if you are sad or hurt, but if you are just crying because you can't have your way, that's throwing a fit.

H: Well...(pause)...I wasn't....(pause)...(then, very quietly) dang it.

Busted! I love her honesty in that moment.


The Milfords said...

"dang it!" That is too precious!

Steve Bezner said...

Love it when kids do that!

The Coopers said...

love it! I can so hear her saying that!! too cute

Coloradosnowbaby said...

I think hope is discovering that she won't be able to get much past you guys, but you kind of know with her sweet little eyes- she'll continue to try! ;) What a cutie!!

Judy said...

So cute