Monday, November 3, 2008

Thoughts on Christmas and the Problem of Clean Water

On Saturday I saw a video that said that Americans spend roughly 450 billion dollars each year on Christmas. 450 billion! Then, it said that it is estimated that 10 billion dollars could solve the entire world's water problem. Clean water for everyone for a fraction of what we spend on Christmas.

It stirred something in me in a deeper way than those kinds of statistics usually do. I mentioned it to Loren and we talked about doing Christmas differently because of it.

Then, Sunday morning, instead of the usual cartoons, PBS ran a "Feed the Children" commerical. Hope was watching and said, "Mommy, why are that boys arms so skinny?" So, I told her that he was hungry and didn't have enough food to eat. She got big tears in her eyes and said, "We should help them. We should give them our money so they can buy food." Then she ran in and asked Loren to work some more so we could have more money to give to them.

And so we got to have a great discussion about ways that we can give sacrificially. We talked about Christmas and how we might do things kind of different. She's all about it. This hasn't been a passing thing for her, either. She has been praying for the kids in Africa (Malawi is where the kids on the video were from) and talking about this a lot. Which led to this video. Her idea was to write all of her friends letters and I thought maybe this would be quicker. So...a message from all your kiddos...sorry for the poor video quality.


Melodie said...

i have been thinking about Christmas for 2 months now. concerned about how we will do things now. and my post title for suggestions was going to be "thoughts on Christmas". weird! definitely sisters! love the video. hate what society has turned Christmas into . . .presents, presents, presents. i was looking at baby Christmas pj's and came across some that said "i love presents!" and i was thinking - no no no!!!!!!

michelle said...

Hope... You're on to something here! I think your idea is wonderful, and I'll pass along the message. Thanks for your idea Hope, you have a beautiful heart! I can't wait to meet you! Michelle

dunnti said...

I just found your blog tonight. How fun to catch up on your beautiful family!!
We did something for Christmas that was so fun for our family. Samaritan's purse has a list on their website of things you can purchase to help those in other countries--from books to clean water supplies to livestock. We did more than we had planned because we just couldn't stop! They were the best gifts we gave last year! I might be something your family would enjoy, too.
So good to "see" you again! Tell Loren hello, too!
Jennifer (Mitchell) Dunn

The Milfords said...

Amazing. Do you care if I link it? I would love to spread the "Message from Hope for Christmas."

Amanda said...

Sure, Ashley...that would be great!