Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Fun!

We had a really fun Halloween. Hope had been counting down the days and it finally arrived! Ever since she was in Loren's cousin's wedding a couple of months ago she has talked about being a bride for Halloween. She would pick something else for a while (she wanted to be a skunk at one point) and then come back to it. Ultimately, it was the dress that sealed the deal. We found one that reached all the way to the floor (a must for a bride) and she was sold. She made a beautiful little bride and she really relished traipsing all over town in that little dress.

Bella dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood. Her hair is just now getting to a length where I can braid it and so her two little french braids completed her ensemble prefectly. She was definitely not as into the costume so it usually didn't last for long. Oh, but the suckers...the suckers are her favorite...which is good. It leaves the chocolate for me!

It was a great day and night and we made some great memories. I know when the girls are older they may not remember a lot about it, but it is one of those days that I think will stick out in my head when they are all grown up. It also brought back lots of memories of my own trick-or-treating days. I wonder what some of my earliest costume choices were. You know what? I'll bet my mom remembers.


Melodie said...

i love Bella's added freckles. and Hopes dress fits perfectly. save that picture for her wedding video - if they still do those then!

The Milfords said...

How cute!!