Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Coopers Came to Town!

I have been meaning to share some pictures of our fabulous visit with my sister and her family, but have been so busy, trying to get to California and then getting settled in, that I haven't really had time until just now.

My sister, Amy, her husband, Daniel (Deedee I like to call him :) ), and their boys, my adorable nephews, Carson(5) and Cameron(almost 1) came to town the week before we left for our trip. We only had a day and half with them, but the Lord graciously stretched our time so that we both felt we got a really good visit in. We did a lot in just a bit of time and Amy and I even had time to take in a good cup of coffee by ourselves, with no kids in sight.

I love my sister so much. We had a rocky relationship when we were growing up, though. Oddly enough, I think she resented the fact that I consistently felt compelled to make the "right" decisions. Okay, I was a miss goody two shoes...there's no sense sugar coating it! I can't imagine why it wasn't more appealing to her. :) Anyway, regardless of all that, we managed to forge a friendship in more recent years that only gets better with time. She is an amazing mother, a thoughtful and encouraging wife, and a woman who seeks after God. I am proud to be her little sis and was so blessed to have her in my home. There's just something special about sisters!

Here are some pictures from our visit.

Carson and Hope are only a year apart and love being silly and having adventures together!

The cousins at the Royal Gorge (minus sweet Holden, of course :( )

The Cooper Family

Amy and I


The Coopers said...

You are so sweet. We had such a wonderful time and want to come back to do the rest of our list.haha! I Love You!

Amanda said...

I know, rafting, the train, driving up Skyline Dr....there is so much more to do!