Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Something about the summer makes me bring out the camera a whole lot more. I think part of it is a combination of all the vibrant colors and the perfect light. But, also, it just seems like my children light up when it gets warm and I have to get it on camera. So, here are some of the latest.

My Bella

We finally got this famous face on camera. This is Bella's signature look. She makes this face all the time. We can't wait for her to talk so we can figure out what, exactly, it means.

At the beloved family Ranch, on the beloved Lone Tree Mountain. Loren was climbing this mountain when he was Bella's age, so this is a very special picture for us.

Now, here is a look that says it all. Our happy girl!

Her smile just lights up a room.

More sweetness. I can not resist kissing those precious cheeks as often as she'll let me.

I love being this little girl's mommy. She is so precious and has her own unique take on life. She is NOT a morning person, at least until breakfast is served, and she is a big fan of her blankie, our dogs, baby dolls, books, bath time, FOOD (all of it), and dancing. For those who know her, it goes without saying that her bunny is an intrical part of any good time. She is such a joy and I love the way she has added such sweetness and warmth to our family.

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Miss Jen said...

Those precious precious girls! How can you not be in love with those beautiful personalities. Take many pics this summer is going to fly by.