Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, Part Two

My Hopie

Summer, for Hope, means the pool. And the pool means goggles. Even if the pool is one foot deep and four feet wide.

My baby has learned to ride her bike. Here she rides proudly down the sidewalk with no need for us to hold on anymore. I'm afraid this is only one of many times she will be ready for us to let go.

This is Hope in all her finery. She has a flair for fashion and routinely picks out some of the most unique outfits. This one is very color-coordinated, though matching colors is never a priority. I love her use of accesories here.

Goofy girl

Sweet Hope has a thousand watt smile.

Hope radiates with life. She has a huge personality and is so expressive. I LOVE (when it isn't driving me over the edge :)) how much she feels. She can be extraordinarily happy and devastatingly sad. She is super social and cares a lot about her friends. I've started to get these glimpses of her as an adult, like when she looks at her sister doing something silly and says to me, "Mom...isn't Bella adorable!" She is also starting to read, which has blown me away. She brings such energy and passion to our home and I am so blessed to be her mom. (Mom...that's what she calls me most of the time now...not mommy...what's up with that?!?)


Allison said...

Amanda, your girls are so beautiful! I can't believe how big Bella is! I haven't seen her in forever! What a great blessing they are!

What's Going On... said...

They are sooo sweet! We love summertime too! Hope you have a GREAT summer!

The Milfords: said...

Your girls are just beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing! Plus it's always nice to know your child isn't the only one wearing 900 things and calling it an outfit.

Amy said...

Beautiful pictures of the girls, Amanda. You captured their personalities so well. Here's to a nice, long summer!! Love you.

Ashley Beth said...

I love your pictures. Hope and Bella are so pretty! It looks like you'll have a fun summer.