Sunday, May 25, 2008

Same Song, Second Verse

So, I know I've mentioned before that I have some of the best friends in the whole world, and I am sure that you are tired of hearing about it. But, since many of you are said friends (including my sisters, who have been my friends the longest), I thought you might not mind that much. The thing is, I keep getting these wonderfully encouraging, Spirit-filled, sharpening e-mails and they are consistently bringing me to tears. So much so, that I can’t bring myself to erase them…ever. I now have umpteen e-mails that I have moved to my “Amanda’s inbox” from the main inbox. It’s my own secret little packrat penchant. But I have a good excuse. I can’t erase them because their content demands that they be read over and over again. So I do. They are my little glimmers of light on days when the context of my life screams that the content of these e-mails can not be true. (Can I get an Amen?!?) These glimmers of light help me to see when my vision gets a little muddy. And it is prone to get muddy.

I am so grateful to these who faithfully share their hearts with me in ways that reflect the Spirit of God in them. It’s funny how so many people in my life, not necessarily connected in any way except that they know me, all at once, have decided that there are things that should not be left unsaid. They have decided that it is more important to speak up when your heart is bursting than to keep those words safe inside where you never have to worry about how they will be received. It is a bold decision to share that intimate, vulnerable part of your heart with someone else. It is a decision to be deeply connected with others in ways that are frighteningly significant. Do you even understand, dear friends, what an impact that has? To speak authentically, from your heart…that same heart where Jesus resides…is to speak words that are infused with the power of Almighty God!

The significance of so many around me laying their hearts on the line is not lost on me. I can sense God fervently calling me to risk more in relationships, to become more transparent. In recent years, I have learned to speak up more where my heart is concerned. The joy that attaches itself to these experiences is profound. I also know that, in many ways, I have just scratched the surface. I love being on this journey with so many of you who say what is in your heart. The overflow of the Spirit in you always serves to make me hunger and thirst for more of God in my life. And that is a powerful thing, indeed.

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Michelle said...

AMEN Amanda! I couldn't agree with you more... I anxiously wait for your next blog. You've encouraged me to be more open, and let my heart express itself. As far as the "amanda's inbox" is concerned... I have one too, and will never ever erase it! Those emails are words that keep me going some days. And thank you for your encouraging comments on my blog- each one means so much to me. Love you!