Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Happy Birthday, Loren!

My sweetie turned 32 today. Today, we celebrate the day Loren was born. I celebrate in a unique way because being married to this man, who was born 32 years ago today, has been life-changing. Yes...that's right...I'm using the phrase life-changing, even though I am afraid that it's overuse has made it void of real meaning. (Wink wink to those of you who were privy to our conversation on bras last night and my adamant stance that a good bra, while beneficial in so many ways, is NOT life-changing...unless your boobs are fixing to take over the universe lest they be contained properly).

The truth is that marriage, if it is worth anything, should be life-changing. This initimate relationship should challenge and grow us. The bible uses marriage quite often to illustrate Christ's relationship with the church and so it is only natural to believe that marriage was intended to teach us more about who He is. I am so grateful to have a partner who is gracious with my learning curve and who not only provides me with a great deal of insight, but who values the insight I can provide. So, today, on his birthday, I thought I would chronicle some of the ways that my life has been changed because of Loren.

1. I dry myself off completely, feet and all, before I step out of the shower. This was not the case early on, but I have seen the error of my ways.
2. One of my first thoughts when it rains is, "I wonder if the top is on the jeep."
3. I no longer believe that spontaneity is of the devil and have even learned to embrace it most days. To go along with that, I have learned how to quickly whip up a meal for fifteen people and not mumble under my breath about how it is so much better to plan these things
4. While I am not as rugged as I pretended to be to get Loren to like me, I have come to enjoy the simplicity and beauty of getting outdoors, getting away from it all, and getting my hands dirty.
5. I say exactly what I mean. No reading between the lines!
6. I believe that I am beautiful. (I could just cry writing that because, even though I had parents who loved and cared for me and made me feel so special, for whatever reason, I felt unremarkable for so much of my life)
7. I have two beautiful daughters. I am not sure I would have ever found the courage to adopt if Loren wasn't so enthusiastic about it.
8. I believe wholeheartedly that God has uniquely gifted me to impact those around me. I believed it first because Loren believed it.
9. I truly believe that it is better to give than to recieve. I don't just pretend to believe it.
10. I earnestly desire to know Christ better because I see Loren pursue God. I know that more important than that.

This is really just the tip of the iceberg. Can you believe I get to be married to him?!?

Thank you, God, for my precious husband, who truly loves me as Christ loves the church. Thank you for knowing exactly what I needed when you placed him into my life. Thank for creating this man who seeks your heart and runs the race with intergrity and dedication. Bless him today and this year. It is through the precious name of Jesus that we can pray these things, Amen.


Melodie said...

happy birthday to Loren! we love him too!!

Michelle said...

wow...I am in tears amanda! I've never heard such beautiful words from a wife about her husband. you were definately made to be together. You've now given me words to the love I desire.

Becky said...

AWWWWH!!! Give Loren a big birthday hug from me!!!! I remember in my pre-Mark days, I made the comment, "I need a Loren" .. and you said, "I know ... everyone does" .... such sweet, sweet words.

love your blog!

The Coopers said...

Happy Birthday, brother-in-law! Hope you got all three of the Coopers messages last night! Mandy-write a book already!!

Allison said...

Happy birthday to Loren! And to you write about what I desire in a marriage! Maybe someday! And what a lucky man Loren is to have you too!

Allison said...

Oh yeah...I love the pic of Bella too! She is just too cute!

Amy said...

great post, amanda. happy birthday to loren from us - we feel so lucky to have him in our lives. have a great memorial day weekend!

What's Going On... said...

That is just too beautiful and Bella looks too cute! (No offense to Loren : ) I love your number 10the best! I feel the same way, we are do blessed!!