Friday, April 4, 2008

Dazed and the Rescue

I was having a conversation yesterday with some other mothers (that rhymes!) about the almost unbelievable things that we are required to deal with immediately upon waking or, even better, that we are woken up by. I am talking about being awaken from a dead sleep to deal with whatever crisis abounds. No time to clear your head and definitely no time for coffee first. It is quite a skill, actually. I've decided that there should definitely be some sort of pre-parent drill where you can at least practice to prepare yourself for these glorious moments. We had a good laugh about some of those moments, and I thought I would share some of the highlights. Please feel free to add your own little hazy recollections.

-Vomit…can anyone say projectile?
-Poop…unnaturally smelly, disgusting, all over the place poop
-A bed and pajamas entirely soaked with pee (tinkle, teetee, whatever you want to call it)
-Blood curdling screams that possibly accompany night terrors or possibly only exsist to remind you of what it feels like to have a bed and pajamas entirely soaked with pee
-A tapping on the shoulder with the simple request that you tell them a story
-Eyes glued together by green gunk (one of my favorites...see "Pinkitis" a few entries back)

When we have one of these moments in my house I often look at Loren and say, "It's a good thing they're cute!" Am I right?!?


The Milfords: said...

One of my favorites is when they call you in to tell you something obvious like "it's dark" or "it's raining." I also love the "mom! I'm awake" call which in our house is usually followed by "so is June!"

Ashley Beth said...

projectile vomit, unnaturally smelly poop, pee soaked anything, blood curdling screams, midnight shoulder taps, green eye glue...

I have to tell you, with that description, it sounds like you're living in an actual, real-life horror movie!

Amanda said...

Did I mention they were cute? That makes up for it all...believe it or not. :)

Ashley Beth said...

okay, okay...I take it back, though I did have to dry heave just a little bit when I read it the first time. ;)

Crystal Kirles said...

Hmmm....we can't wait until we can finally experience what you're describing. Until then we'll enjoy our sleep!