Friday, March 21, 2008

Wonder Jen

Move over Wonder Woman, you have some competition. I needed a rescue today and I got it, in the form of my wonderful friend, Jen...hencetofore known as...Wonder Jen. Despite the fact that I have called her pretty much every day this week to complain about my sick kids, and despite the fact that I called her again today and actually said out loud, “I mean, I feel bad that my kids don't feel well, but I really feel more sorry for me. I need to get out!” she still loves me. Not only that, she pulled me over on the side of the road today, state trooper style, just to give me a Vanilla Soy Latte, my favorite(see list of things that rock my world), that she bought just for me. This, she said, was so that I could have a little bit of the world outside my germ-infested home. I smiled all the way back to that home! What a mood lifter! I am sure my kids and my husband will be as appreciative of that as I am. Wonder the rescue!


What's Going On... said...

What a GREAT friend!

Miss Jen said...

Ok considering i called you twice last week in the same day regarding a different child each time, AND it was our 1st day home from DISNEYWORLD. You answered my SOS, talked me down from the ledge, (I was THIS close to jumping off my kitchen counter). It is I who should be giving YOU superhero status. However I enjoy the name and all that implies. So I will keep it. PS Had I known I would get mentioned in a blog, I would have thrown in a scone!!! ;)