Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A Double Blessing

My regular exercise regimine includes double unders.  You know, where you jump rope and swing the rope twice around for every one jump.  I kind of like it when they show up in a workout.  That's probably because they took awhile for me to master, but I did it. I watched videos and got advice and finally got it.  At first, stringing two together, then three, and now up to forty at a time. But, they aren't interesting.  I don't talk about them with my friends.  I don't blog about them (usually), and I don't list them on the "hobbies" section of any paperwork I fill out.  They are functional, raising my heart rate, working on my balance and coordination and toning my arms.

A couple of months ago, I got a Double Under Wonder (www.doubleunderwonder.com).  It's a jumprope specifically designed for doing double unders, that you customize yourself, with colors and designs. I got a bright turquoise rope and yellow handles with black polka dots.  I didn't need one with colors and designs. I could have gotten black or gray.  You know, something more hard core. But I didn't. The colorful one makes me happy when I see it swinging around and around. It adds a little flavor to the function of double unders and for that, I am grateful.

This week, as we say goodbye to the carefree schedule of summer, all days by the pool and relaxed bedtimes and any day of the week sleepovers for the kids, I am reminded that so much of my life is functional.  Get the kids up, get them to school or practice, do homework, make meals, and on and on and on.  And even though it takes up the bulk of my time during the day, it's not really that interesting.  I don't put those things on the "hobbies" section of paperwork either. But functional doesn't have to mean dreadful. I know that when I look for ways to see the happy in the mundane, I can always find them.  And I know that when I spend time reflecting on the gift of this life that the Lord has blessed me with, even the mundane parts are a picture of his goodness.

I won't lie, if someone markets a customizable vacuum cleaner with designs and flashy colors that plays music instead of the weird vacuum sucking sound, I'm probably gonna buy it.  But even if they don't, the hum of the vacuum can remind me to be grateful for this house, for this dog who sheds, but also makes us laugh when he howls at sirens and is the best pillow, and for these kids, who are obsessed with glitter and eating crackers in the living room, but who are also some of the best gifts we have ever received from the Lord. All is grace.

But seriously...someone should make that vacuum.


If I tried to explain this picture it would make no sense. Let's just say Debbie and I are Wonder Woman and leave it at that. But, like all super heros, you really need a cool jumprope like the one seen in the picture.  Go get yours at www.doubleunderwonder.com 

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