Thursday, June 13, 2013

Lazy days of summer...

Loren is off at camp this week with 30 of his high school friends.  We had some sad goodbyes, especially from the little one, who apparently just realized on Sunday that her dad was gonna be gone for a week.  But, all in all, we take these trips in stride.  Loren goes every summer to camp and we try to use that time to do some fun little things with just us girls.

And, in years past, I have also taken these opportunities, these quiet evenings at home alone, to do household projects.  That room that needs painting?  Yep...I'm gonna stay up all night after the kids go to bed and get it done.  That wallpaper that needs to come down?  You better believe that'll be gone when he gets back.  That garage that needs cleaning out?  I'm on it.

But here's the truth, folks.  I haven't done any of that crap this week.  And I'm not gonna.

Maybe it's because I'm lazy.  It really could be.  I've worried before that maybe I am.  But I also wonder if maybe it's because there is a bit more life in my days, these days.  My kids aren't napping for three hours in the afternoon anymore.  They aren't eating disposable jars of baby food or filled up by a banana at breakfast. And they certainly aren't sitting in johnny jump ups or saucers bouncing their little hearts out without ever really going anywhere. 

We are on the go! We're at the garden pulling weeds and jumping on the trampoline (A post coming soon on our amazing garden!).  We're swimming next door and trying to keep Ava from skinny dipping. (I swear that girl wants to be naked in the water and I seem to be helpless to stop her!) We are watching friends play baseball, and meeting friends at the park, and having friends sleep over.  We are teaching the kids to cook and to do cartwheels and to ride bikes with no training wheels. And we are spending time with our high school friends and teen moms (more on the teen moms later, too) and with our small group from church.

It's fun and full and at the end of the day, I am spent.  And the thought of starting some project just pales in comparison to the thought of sitting and reading, or crocheting, or sleeping.

My life is spent on the people that I love. And, at the end of the day, I am bone tired.  And I think maybe that's how it should be. I think that might just be what the end of the day is all about.  The end. Done.  Finished.
You know what I think, fellow moms?  I think tired looks an awful lot like lazy.  But I'm pretty sure it's not the same thing.  When did we get convinced that it was?  Well I'm not buying it. So I won't be heading upstairs tonight to reorganize the linen closet, which looks like three little girls have been building and destroying forts in there for most of the spring months.  Cause I've got some sleeping to do instead.  Tomorrow's coming.

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