Tuesday, December 18, 2012

This Baby...Jesus

The reality of Jesus coming to earth as a baby should never cease to amaze us.  My thoughtful husband shared these words at our Young Life Christmas party last night and I thought they deserved repeating.

The irony of Christmas is this...that this baby, who is completely and utterly dependent on Mary is also the one who is providing for her every need, and ours as well.

-Jesus was formed in Mary's womb, but he knit her together in her own mother's womb.

-Mary met Jesus for the first time at delivery, but Jesus knew Mary before time began.

-Jesus needed to be fed at Mary's breast, but he is her bread of Life.

-Jesus caused Mary's arms to tire and her back to ache as she lugged a growing baby around; but he is her light yoke and her rest.

-Mary swaddles Jesus and holds him tight, but through him, Mary is held together.

-Mary loved and cared for Jesus, but she is only capable of love because of his love.

-Mary trained Jesus in righteousness, but only through him is she made righteous.

We are like babies.  Totally needy.  Utterly dependent.  He understands.  He's felt that.  And in that understanding and with love, he will be faithful to provide everything we need. 

 This baby...Jesus.  Almighty God.

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