Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Her name means breath of life. And that's exactly what she is.

I love every bit of her reckless heart and the way she grabs at life with all the delicacy of a UFC fighter. I love that she has a soft spot for the curve of my neck and whispers, "I lub you, mama" like it's a secret just between us.

She is full of words now. Full of songs, even. And full of mischief, as always. Those eyes tell me, have always told me, she knows more than we think. And her pace tells me that our days of pretending she is a baby are numbered.

Nothing but gratitude for the extravagant gift of Ava Elizabeth Marey.

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Melodie said...

maybe her name really means "spice of life". doesn't that fit well? ;) she is a cutie and we are all blessed that she is in our family.