Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Africa Pictures

Here are just a FEW pictures from our trip so far.

Me and Amanda (Kolman and Corley, we are called) on the plane to Dar. Corley was responsible for all the logistics of our trip and she did an amazing job. I would have been in the fetal position somewhere if I had to do all that!

On the beach this morning! So warm, so beautiful!
The view from the veranda. The garden, the gates, and if you look closely beyond that, the ocean. Yep! It's amazing!
More of the veranda. This was the sangria that awaited us before dinner, and the hanging bed that I am determined to take a nap in later.
My bunk when we arrives. Dyan had put these beautiful flowers in the towels, given us a book called Mama Dar with a little note in it, and some gorgeous textiles. Can't wait to show those off!

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