Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First Grade

How can it be possible that this little munckin started first grade yesterday? I knew back then how much I loved her. How much her smile could light up a room and how her head on my shoulder had magical powers that made my world slow down for a bit. But, I had no idea how funny she would be. How adventurous and strong and smart she was. How she would keep me on my toes and on my knees. No idea how much delight I would feel when I saw her light up as she talked about school.
So, here we are. First Grade. She's ready. She's always ready. But, we'll miss her at home. And little sister was none too happy when Hope smiled and waved and ran into her room.

So I did what any decent mom would do. I snapped a picture. And then, I gave her a big hug and a piggy back ride all the way home.

The littlest one took it all in stride.

How did I ever get so lucky as to parent these three lovely creatures?


Melodie said...

i'm sure bella did not appreciate the camera coming out. but such a sweet moment to document. so when she's 11 and hope's 14, you can say, see you used to LOVE your big sis. just kidding! ;) wondering if you were pushing a stroller and giving piggy back rides? nice workout. so glad hopie loves school. just like her valedictorian momma. :)

Glenda said...

She looks so happy walking in to 1st grade. And her hair looks great i love to put Eliana's hair in big puff balls the biger the better.