Monday, March 15, 2010

The Daddy/Daughter Dance

On Saturday, Canon City held it's 3rd annual Daddy/Daughter Dance. What a fabulous tradition this has become. Loren had a track meet that morning and so I treated Hope and Bella to a spa day at home (when Ava was napping, of course). They each got their hands and feet soaked and lotioned, and the nails painted, all while drinking smoothies, of course. Then, we rolled their hair and pulled both their curly locks up into "princess buns", which, as you might imagine, is a very different process for Hope than it is for Bella. :) They both looked so cute and couldn't wait to put their dresses on. So, we did. Four hours early.

When Loren got home from the track meet he gave them both corsages, bought to match their dresses (aww!) and off they went to dinner and the dance. Lucky me! I got to watch some of it because I was helping to put it on. We had somewhere between 600-700 people there and it was so fun to see the girls come in on their dads arms looking, for all the world, as if they felt like royalty.

For a split second on Saturday morning I thought, "are we making too big a deal out of this? Are we setting it up so that our girls will have such high expectations that no average man will ever compare to their dads?" And then, in the same breath, I thought, "Heck ya! That's the point!" I want my daughters to have high expectations about how they should be treated and about what kind of man they want to be with. I want them to, some day, be walking down the aisle, or even just walking into dinner with the man they have chosen to spend the rest of their lives with and looking, for all the world, as if they feel like royalty.

And, I know if their daddy has anything to do with it, they will.


Melodie said...

So cute! What a fun night!

The Coopers said...

what cute girls with cute hair and dresses!!

Jess said...

That looks like so much fun! I can't wait for our girls to get to do things like that! I agree with you about their expectations. They should expect to be treated properly. I think we could create a stronger generation of young women if we work on instilling that in them now. Love the pictures!!

Glenda said...

What a great post. It brought me to tears.