Monday, February 23, 2009

This is proof positive that our Southern Baptist roots are alive and kickin' in Colorado. Loren has been teaching Hope this song at night before bedtime and she asks regularly for us to sing, "The Trumpet of the Lord" as she calls it. I love that he is teaching her all the hymns we grew up learning. She's pretty much got this one down. Have a listen. This one is especially for you, Papa J.

Incidentally, this video is also proof positive that my southern accent is alive and kickin' as well and being passed onto to my unsuspecting children. " called up Yondrrrrr." I love it. See, it's not completely gone, yall'.


Melodie said...

the accent! i was thinking that as i was listening "when the rooooooooooooll is called up yaaaawnder." yee-haw hopie!

The Milfords said...

That was so stinkin cute! She did a great job and I had a hard time not singing along with her. :)

Michelle said...

Amanda- how sweet is this!!! Isn't it awesome that you can capture this awesome moment and share it with everyone!! Hope is such a sweetie- I can't wait to 'play' with her when I come up! Miss you :) ms

Michelle said...


I just noticed... did I say 'awesome' enough?? It's because you're so 'awesome' girlfriend:)

xoxo- ms

Phyllis said...

I need more blogs like this one!! Hearing her sing just gives me goose bumps!! She is so beautiful! i heard sweet Bella in the background, I think!
Love you all! Thanks Loren for keeping the tradition alive!