Saturday, February 23, 2008

Music and Grace

I know this isn’t true for everyone, but there is something about music that speaks to a deeper place in me. I am moved often to tears, rendered silent (which is odd for me), or you might find me clutching my chest with emotion in the same way I would if I had just seen a beautiful new baby or been given a million dollars, or was having a mild heart attack. This chest clutching one that I just mentioned…this is the one that most often describes me when I am listening to something that speaks to my heart. It is not something I am conscious of doing at the time, but I know, sort of, why I do it. It seems so natural to physically touch the place that it touches most deeply in me. Also, it sort of feels like holding it there in my heart is not quite enough…that I want to hold it in my hands, too. Like I try, with futility of course, to grasp onto it physically. I do this often with the Lord. The funny thing, though, is that I am, in the end, relieved that I can’t actually physically grasp it. I know that my grasp is human and that it is much safer in my heart, which is inhabited by the Divine. This bit of grace allows me to understand deeper truths than those that permit themselves to be grasped and I am so thankful for it.

Just for your information, and perhaps for your own version of chest-clutching, here are some of the words to songs that bring about this in me:

“Lift your eyes to the heavens, for the Creator is living in you” Watermark w/Shane and Shane, “Arise and Be Comforted”

“I will not be moved, and I’ll say of the Lord, ‘You are my Shield, My Strength, My Portion, Deliverer, My Shelter, Strong Tower, My Very Present Help in time of need.’” Hillsong, “Made Me Glad”

“Give me Jesus. Give me Jesus. You can have all the rest, but give me Jesus” Fernando Ortega, “Give me Jesus"

“My name is graven on his hands. My name is written on his heart. I know that while in heaven he stands no tongue can bid me thence depart.” Selah, “Before the Throne of God Above” (the whole song really…I can not drive and hear this song!)

“One day death will retreat and wave its white flag. One day love will defeat the strongest enemy. So we wait for that one day. Come quickly! We want to see your glory!” Nicole Nordemon and Selah, "Glory"

Just to name a few.


The Coopers said...

Music touches a deeper place in me also. "Made Me Glad" is one of my all time favorites and became a special part of me when Daniel was gone for those long months 2 years ago working in New Orleans. I felt the comfort of my Heavenly Father when I heard it and sang it. I usually started my morning with it. Where as you clutch your heart, both my hands go up(well only one in the car-that could be dangerous) and the tears flow. People driving beside me probably think I am crazy. We are for sure from the same family. Love you, Mandy!

Allison said...

I am right there with you! I love music too. Nothing can relax me better than a good 'ole hymn. That's all I listened to while I was in labor with Thomas. There are lots of time (esp lately) when words of my own won't come, but there is always a song that will.

Melodie said...

we sang this one today. what about these words:
"No power of hell, no scheme of man, can ever pluck me from His hand. Till he returns or calls me home. Here in the power of Christ I’ll stand!"
how would life BE without music!

The Coopers said...

oh Mel, I love that one too. Beth Moore always has her worship team do that one at her conferences. Such powerful words!

Amanda said...

A good one for sure! There are so many! I love you both sooooo much!

Bezner said...

I like your hunky husband, too. Give him some love from me.